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Catholic Church likes pine cones because the are in rebellion against Christ.
Pine cones are ancient symbols of rebellion and the Roman Catholic church has the largest pine on display in the world.

Pagans have always coveted eternal life, and have sought it by worshipping and revering many objects they find in Nature. Of course, this type of worship is the Biblical definition of what a Pagan is. Listen: "Who [unrighteous men] changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen." [Romans 1:25]
As we move into the End of the Age, we discover that Paganism is really on the increase. In fact, it is highly possible that this 20th Century may represent the high water mark for Paganism. We would expect this might be the case, as the Bible foretells that Antichrist will be a Pagan generally and a Satanist specifically. [Daniel 8:23-25]
One of the common points of Pagan worship is their common symbol for eternal life, the Evergreen, both bush and tree. Further, the Pine Cone is revered because it is the "fruit" or the result of the Evergreen. Since all people of all ages wish to live forever, the Evergreen and Pine Cone have been powerful, and ancient, symbols of Eternal Life.
Let us now examine the various Pagan groups that have utilized the Pine Cone in their ceremonies, their rituals, and their art. Once you study this list, you will be in for a great surprise in that the Roman Catholic Church utilizes the Pine Cone, just as any good Pagan religion would do! This fact is further firm evidence that Roman Catholicism is Pagan, not Christian. In fact, we would say that Roman Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity, with Paganism as its beating heart.
Pine cones are common in Roman Catholic architecture and sacred  decorations.
"Roman Cult -- The bronze hand, to the left, dates from the late Roman Empire, when all forms of divination from scrying to astrology, flourished. The hand bears the symbols, such as a cockerel's head and a pine cone, of the Roman mystery cult of Dionysus. Worshippers of Dionysus would work themselves into a frenzy, in which they might see visions of the future."
["Mind & Magic", by Francis X. King, Crescent, Great Britain, 1991, page 150] Notice the Pine Cone on the thumb of this hand. I find it very interesting that the Pine Cone is closely associated with this particular cult, whose emphasis was on divination, sex orgies, and fortune telling.
How many children has Rome Molested?
This picture is of a Mexican god holding a pine cone and fir tree, symbols of rebirth and the sun.
This pine cone staff is a symbol of the solar god Osiris, Egyptian Museum, Turino, Italy. Osiris originated in Egypt, where he was their Messiah, who died for the good of his people, and whose Mother, Isis, was worshipped as the Virgin Mother. Osiris was the Egyptian counterfeit of Jesus Christ!
This picture is of the Assyrian winged god with a pine cone, representing power of regeneration. Traceable to Tammuz of Babylon. Most Paganism in history is traceable directly back to Tammuz of Babylon. His mother, Semiramis, was the first Virgin Mother in world history, predating the birth of Jesus Christ by over a thousand years. Did you know that the Roman Catholic practice of making the Sign of the Cross originated in Babylon as people paid homage to their Messiah, Tammuz, who "died for the good of his people". People would constantly publicly demonstrate their love and adoration for Tammuz by making the sign of the "T", or "t". Isn't this a clever move by Satan? He knew that Jesus Christ would die on a cross that could be thought of as a "t". Therefore, Satan was able to transfer the sign of the "t" for Tammuz directly into the Roman Catholic Church, as people thought they making the sign of the Christian cross. Tammuz was the Babylonian counterfeit of Jesus Christ.
This is Bacchus the god of drunkenness with a Pine Cone staff. Pagans love to drink prodigiously and revel in getting drunk. Therefore, we should not be too surprised to learn that Bacchus is celebrated as looking forward to eternal life even as he is busily getting, and staying, drunk. Have you noticed that the Roman Catholic Church has been battling drunkenness and addiction in both their priests and their adherents. Further, Catholic countries like Ireland, France, and Italy have always been known for their love, and consumption, of alcohol.
This is Dionysus, the Greek god, carrying a pine cone staff as a fertility symbol. Children are always looked upon as extending the life of the human species. Therefore, it is predictable that the Pine Cone should be linked to the new life of the conception of children.
This is the pope's staff with a pine cone, the ultimate pagan symbol! Since the ultimate goal of religion is the securing of eternal life, we should not be surprised that the Pope should be carrying the ultimate Pagan symbol of eternal life.
This is a picture of candles used in Catholic masses. This is typical in Roman Catholic services and ornaments.
Manly P. Hall had something to say about pine cones as well.

Sufficient similarity exists between the Masonic CHiram and the Kundalini of Hindu mysticism to warrant the assumption that CHiram may be considered a symbol also of the Spirit Fire moving through the
sixth ventricle of the spinal column. The exact science of human regeneration is the Lost Key of Masonry, for when the Spirit Fire is lifted up through the thirty-three degrees, or segments of the spinal column,
and enters into the domed chamber of the human skull, it finally passes into the pituitary body (Isis), where it invokes Ra (the pineal gland) and demands the Sacred Name. Operative Masonry, in the fullest
meaning of that term, signifies the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened. E. A. Wallis Budge has noted that in some of the papyri illustrating the entrance of the souls of the dead into the judgment
hall of Osiris the deceased person has a pine cone attached to the crown of his head. The Greek mystics also carried a symbolic staff, the upper end being in the form of a pine cone, which was called
the thyrsus of Bacchus. In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops. Little is known concerning
the function of the pineal body, which Descartes suggested (more wisely than he knew) might be the abode of the spirit of man. As its name signifies, the pineal gland is the sacred pine cone in
man--the eye single, which cannot be opened until CHiram (the Spirit Fire) is raised through the sacred seals which are called the Seven Churches in Asia.

There is an Oriental painting which shows three sun bursts. One sunburst covers the head, in the midst of which sits Brahma with four heads, his body a mysterious dark color. The second sunburst--which
covers the heart, solar plexus, and upper abdominal region--shows Vishnu sitting in the blossom of the lotus on a couch formed of the coils of the serpent of cosmic motion, its seven-hooded head
forming a canopy over the god. The third sunburst is over the generative system, in the midst of which sits Shiva, his body a grayish white and the Ganges River flowing out of the crown of his head.
This painting was the work of a Hindu mystic who spent many years subtly concealing great philosophical principles within these figures. The Christian legends could be related also to the human
body by the same method as the Oriental, for the arcane meanings hidden in the teachings of both schools are identical.

As applied to Masonry, the three sunbursts represent the gates of the temple at which CHiram was struck, there being no gate in the north because the sun never shines from the northern angle of the heavens.
The north is the symbol of the physical because of its relation to ice (crystallized water) and to the body (crystallized spirit). In man the light shines toward the north but never from it, because the body has
no light of its own but shines with the reflected glory of the divine life-particles concealed within physical substance. For this reason the moon is accepted as the symbol of man's physical nature. CHiram is
the mysterious fiery, airy water which must be raised through the three grand centers symbolized by the ladder with three rungs and the sunburst flowers mentioned in the description of the Hindu painting.
It must also pass upward by means of the ladder of seven rungs-the seven plexuses proximate to the spine. The nine segments of the sacrum and coccyx are pierced by ten foramina, through which pass
the roots of the Tree of Life. Nine is the sacred number of man, and in the symbolism of the sacrum and coccyx a great mystery is concealed. That part of the body from the kidneys downward was
termed by the early Qabbalists the Land of Egypt into which the children of Israel were taken during the captivity. Out of Egypt, Moses (the illuminated mind, as his name implies) led the tribes of Israel
(the twelve faculties) by raising the brazen serpent in the wilderness upon the symbol of the Tau cross. Not only CHiram but the god-men of nearly every pagan Mystery ritual are personifications of the
Spirit Fire in the human spinal cord.

Pine Cone Speech from Manly P. Hall
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