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If you do not understand Daniel or Revalation go
here first. This site will not make sense till you do. Churches stopped the full gospel in 1950.
Bible Symbols and References.
If your getting your news from CBS, Fox your are being lied to about everything. Found out why.
Watch the series Battlefield Hollywood’s satanic gospel themed movies. 
Learn about Red Mass and takeover of judicial systems.
News reporters told what to say when to say. Mindless drones serving the Mother of Harlots.
Make fun of the Pope your a Terrorist!
Barack Hussein Obama II: AKA Barry Soetoro
All Roads Leader to Rome.
Just like so many before him he makes an appearance before the Jesuits of Georgetown.
Funny that outwardly they have used to separation of church and state to remove Christ but your leaders do worship and its not the light of this world.
The video below is a great moment of truth concerning where you leaders come from and its from Jesuit facilities.
Do not be deceived into believing you can vote for anyone in America that will help this country. Both parties are fully controlled by
the Prostitute of Rev 17. After watching the video scroll down to see why he spoke the truth.
See all presidents go before the Prostitute of Rev 17
Supreme Court John Roberts betrayed America for the Prostitue of Rev. 17
No suprise Clinton graduating from GeorgeTown.