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Dislike Obama - Pope Care?
Truth Moment: if you voted for Bush Jr. you are partly responsible for its passage.

A bible believing Christian could have told you a vote for Bush is a vote for the Pope.
Why did a supposedly conservative vote for the Pope Care take over of our medical industry? If you understand prophecy then its very easy to tell that you can not vote for change in this country. We are fast approaching a terrible time where the Catholic church through her control will once again kill the followers of Christ. Go here for proof and her hatred of free speech.

Were did John Roberts go after his historic show of how much he loves the Whore of Babylon?
Chief Roberts - gave our control of our health to the Pope.
Clarence Thomas trained by the Jesuits.
Malta and the New World Order

It was on this same geographic island location where, in 1984, President George H. W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev had met on ships in the harbor and forged the “New World Order.” While the two leaders conferred on-ship, Gorby’s wife, Raisa, dressed in a symbolic, Communist red-colored dress, was taken on a pilgrimage to the Knights of Malta’s historic St. John’s Chapel, where a statue of Jesus’ mother, Mary, holds forth as the chosen icon. It sits on the exact spot where there were found ancient ruins of a great temple devoted to Goddess worship.

At Malta, U.S. Judge Roberts was met by the top potentates of the Rome-headquartered Knights of Malta, including Grand Master Matthew Festig of Great Britain. Also on hand to congratulate Justice Roberts on his monumental socialist “achievement” was Herman Van Rompuy of Belgium, a Bilderberg leader who is currently the President of the European Council.

After joking about heading to Malta to escape criticism….Chief Justice Roberts heads to Malta as it emerges that he may have written for AND against opinions on Obamacare

Chief Justice John Roberts fled the country on Tuesday opting to take up temporary residence in an ‘impregnable island fortress’.

Was it to avoid constant questioning over the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling on health care reform? To get out of the glare of Republican ire after siding with the Court’s liberal judges and deeming the law constitutional?

He waved such explanations off, saying instead that he was traveling to Malta to teach a two-week class at the Mediterranean island’s University.

His departure comes as new conspiracies are floated about his supposed flip-flopping on the health care decision, with the latest theory suggesting that he actually wrote both sides of the legal argument for the Affordable Care Act.

Last Thursday, the Chief Justice became the object of affection for many liberals as he was the deciding swing vote that gave the five-judge majority to allow the law to stand.

In the following days, numerous reports have revealed various explanations about the months-long debate among the nine judges over the legality of the bill which would effectively force all Americans to buy health insurance.

On Saturday, a CBS report cited unnamed sources as saying that the Chief Justice started off siding with his fellow Conservative judges during their private debate sessions, but then changed his opinion and went on to write the majority opinion conclusion statement for the liberal approval of the law.

That report said that the four conservatives, who were then left in the lurch as the minority, went on to write their opinion as a joint effort.

Such a move is extremely rare in the history of the Supreme Court, where each opinion is typically written by one justice from either side of the legal spectrum. As a result, they sign their name on the verdict and it is credited to them in public discussion and historical records.

Swing vote: By switching to the liberal side, Roberts effectively insured that the Affordable Care Act passedSwing vote: By switching to the liberal side, Roberts effectively insured that the Affordable Care Act passed

Because it was supposedly done as a united effort, however, the minority health care opinion was left unsigned.

Salon reported today, however, that the reason why the minority opinion was left unsigned was because it was written mostly by the Chief Justice before he made the switch to the liberal side.

Paul Campos wrote that a source ‘within the court with direct knowledge of the drafting process’ said that ‘most of the material in the first three quarters of the joint dissent was drafted by Chief Justice Roberts’ chambers’.

The question of what role he actually played in the minority’s report will undoubtedly be speculation until one of the nine notoriously tight-lipped justices publicly confirms the rumors.

As for Mr Roberts himself, he is shying away from any such statements.

At a conference of 300 judges in Pennsylvania on Friday, he declined to answer any questions about the health care decision. He went on to say that it does not bother him that he cannot directly answer his critics.

Instead, he was focusing on enjoying his summer break.

‘Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a good idea,’ he said of his then-pending trip
ohn Roberts visiting the Knights of Malta the Sovereign Military Order of the Catholic Church.
Official Website Link below.

Malta Europes mosth Catholic Country - OurSunday Vistor Matal Review
Universal socialized healthcare has long been the goal of the Vatican and its Secret Societies. So when U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts single-handedly forced United States citizens to accept President Obama’s unsavory and heavily socialist “ObamaCare” legislation

Supreme Court Chief Justice arrives at the Knights of Malta building in Malta for his meeting with the Grand Master and other officials. Notice the Knights of Malta logo to right of entrance-the 8-pointed spear cross with red background. (AP Photo/Lino Arrigo Azzopardi) with his deciding (5-4) vote, the American judge, a devout Roman Catholic, won the immediate acclaim of his brothers in such secretive and infamous groups as the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei.

Off to the “Impregnable Fortress” in Malta

Immediately after casting his vote and writing the majority opinion on ObamaCare, John Roberts told the Washington, D.C. press corps that, to escape the furor and controversy that erupted, he was heading to an “impregnable fortress to escape.” Roberts choice of words was carefully coded with secret and embedded meaning.

That impregnable fortress, as it turns out, was to the Mediterranean island of Malta, the unofficial citadel of the papacy’s Knights of Malta. It was to Malta where, after their stunning defeat in Jerusalem, the Knights and crusaders had retreated to what they referred to as their “impregnable fortress.”

Who else bows to the Harlot?
European Council President Herman Van Rompuy (left) in Malta
Question: Why do you suppose a church is working so are to take over the supreme court and judicial branches and major police forces?

The answer is obvious if you go to the prophecy page on this site. (Link) America was founded on biblical principles and protestantism. But the founders understood that religious liberty was paramount and should not be enforced as the Roman Church does in the countries that serve her. Rome has killed more than any other institution on this earth. The bible says she is drunk with the blood of the saints (Revelation 17:6 Link) their only crime was wanting to have freedom to worship by conscious. The mother of harlots has not changed and she plans to enforce her mark upon the whole world (Revelation 17:5 Link). Rome hates capitalism and protestantism and this is why all your leaders betrayed America by destroying the currency and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Rome was at war with this Nation since its beginning and it was know then.

John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States):
Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as painters, publishers, writers, and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell it is this Society of Loyola’s.ii
U.S. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris, Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln(Pittsburgh, PA: Williams Publishing, 1897): 34:
...the favorite policy of the Jesuits, that of assassination.

Former American Navy secretary R. W. Thompson:
[The Jesuits] are the deadly enemies of civil and religious liberty.viii

Hector Macpherson, The Jesuits in History (Edinburgh: Macniven and Wallace, 1914): 148:
Jesuitism is the power behind the Papal throne. "The presence of the Jesuits In any country, Romanist or Protestant," once remarked Lord Palmerston, " Is likely to breed social disturbance." So hurtful was the Jesuit Order found to be that, up to 1860, it was expelled no fewer than seventy times from countries which has suffered from its machinations.

Pastor Robert Jefferson Breckinridge,Papism in the XIX Century, in the United States(D. Owen, 1841): 206:
The society of Jesus is the enemy of man. The whole human race should unite for its overthrow. Earth and heaven should rejoice together over its tomb.-For there is no alternative between its total extirpation, and the absolute corruption and degradation of mankind.

F. Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil (HarperCollins, 2001): xviii:
The Roman Inquisition…had been administered since 1542 by the Jesuits.

J. E. C. Shepherd (Canadian historian), The Babington Plot: Jesuit Intrigue in Elizabethan England (Toronto, Canada: Wittenburg Publications): 12:
Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute…Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.

John Daniel, The Grand Design Exposed (CHJ Publishing, 1999): 64:
The Church to rule the world; the Pope to rule the Church; the Jesuits to rule the Pope - such was and is the program of the Order of Jesus.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821; emperor of the French):
The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power-power in its most despotic exercise -absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms-and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…vii
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